Offshore & Remote Medical Evacuation Support

We provide 24 hour per day on-call medical assistance, consultation and support. AOMS will provide co-ordination of emergency medical services, patient stabilization, care and medical escort care en-route.

Atlantic Offshore Medical Services (AOMS) has a team of experienced and qualified physicians that provide on-call medical support to offshore medical staff for both routine and emergency medical situations. A Medevac physician is also part of the response personnel as per our tiered approach to medical evacuation. 

The AOMS on-call physician coordinates emergency medical services and directs and supports patient care from the time of the initial call until the patient is stabilized and escorted onshore to the receiving healthcare facility. Using a best practice approach to Medevac transport, a Medevac Transport Team can be composed of a physician, registered nurses or advanced care paramedic who would respond using a tiered approach based on an evaluation of the severity of each Medevac. A consultation between the on-call physician and the offshore/ remote medical personnel would then lead to a decision regarding the level of response that is required. 

AOMS believes that evacuation of injured/ill employees must be conducted in a timely manner. Towards this end, team members will be available to respond to the departure site of the air carrier within one hour. (Helicopter transportation services are provided free of cost by Client)

To facilitate this response, Medevac Kit is stored in a heated and secured place at the air carrier facility. As a leader in medevac response to the offshore oil and gas industry, AOMS is able to procure and/or provide a standardized and complete Medevac Kit ready for use by the Medevac Team. The kit shall be maintained in a state of readiness and would be routinely inspected and restocked with additional inspection and restocking taking place after each use. 

Liaison with Local Medical Facilities

The AOMS Medevac procedure outlines in detail the responsibilities of all participants. When a Medevac is initiated it is the responsibility of the on-call physician to contact the emergency physician at the receiving hospital and to also contact the AOMS Director of Emergency & Primary Care and / or the Medical Services Coordinator (“MSC”). An estimated time of arrival at the emergency department will be provided by the on-call physician. The local ground transport ambulance department is contacted with the destination of the helicopter and the best estimate of time of arrival during the inbound flight. In the case of a mass casualty scenario the on-call physician will contact the emergency department with as many details as possible. It will be the duty of the hospital to decide if additional staff will be required. If the Client’s Emergency Communication Centre is activated and there is a need for the presence of a physician, the AOMS Director of Emergency & Primary care or one of the on-call emergency physicians can be called upon to participate as required by the client.