Offshore, Remote, Local Emergency, & Urgent Support

AOMS can provide of 24/7 on-call direct medical assistance and advice in emergency and urgent situations. AOMS can coordinate emergency medical services, patient care and patient stabilization and escort.

Atlantic Offshore Medical Services (AOMS) has a team of experienced and qualified physicians that provide 24/7 on-call medical advice to offshore medical staff for both routine and emergency medical situations. Our physicians also support our clients where we do have AOMS medical staff present.

AOMS currently employs full-time and part-time occupational health physicians and emergency room physicians to provide onshore occupational, general and emergency medical services. Our occupational health nurses are an integral part of the organization comprising full-time centrally (clinic) located occupational health nurses, full-time occupational health and emergency background site nurses, and part-time site nurses and paramedics on a seasonal basis.