Other services

Whatever your medical, emergency or occupational health care needs are, AOMS can help. AOMS is a dynamic and adaptable provider of health care services, from health promotion and screening clinics to repatriating a sick or injured individual.

We take the experience and expertise that we have gained locally and apply it globally to assist our clients. We pride ourselves on meeting our client’s health care needs, no matter how big, or how small.

Services offered by AOMS include:
• Supervision and provision of site and remote Medical Personnel
• Supervision and provision of all Clinical Policies, Procedure and Medical Directives and Protocols.
• Interaction with various worker’s compensation agencies together with all medical and community services on behalf of employer/employees to facilitate occupational health and emergency medical services
• Design of first aid, health centre stations for industrial, construction, offshore and remote locations.
• 24-hour emergency on call physician support to client and operational medical personnel
• Liaison with hospital/consultants to follow up on management and progress of seriously injured employees
• First Aid and CPR training for the workplace
• Specialized First Response Team training to meet the particular requirements of each industrial setting
• Hygiene and Catering Inspections
• International Travel Clinic services for travel counselling, vaccinations and immunizations.