Health and Wellness

Attendance control and disability management programs without health promotion and wellness programs are not likely to have optimal affect. A comprehensive occupational health service today infers a full commitment to wellness programs.
The Occupational Health Nurse or Health Care Provider who has responsibility in this area will deliver wellness programs, health educational and counseling programs, tailored to meet your needs.

The Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment identifies risks and early signs of disease, deals with current medical and health concerns, and provides in-depth guidance and recommendations for optimal health and lifestyle goals. Companies tend to invest a significant amount into their Executives, by performing an Executive Health Assessment, companies are protecting their investment.

A combination of three programs; Workplace Health Risk Assessment (WHRA), Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and a Fit 4 Health Aerobic Capacity Assessment, provide the comprehensive picture of an individual’s health lifestyle.
If desired, each program of the Executive (Comprehensive) Health Assessment can be offered and administered separately, depending on the needs of the individual or corporate plan.