Who We Are

AOMS operates a fully dedicated occupational medical facility in St. John’s that is equipped and computerized to accommodate the provision of occupational medical services, as well as the administrative and accounting aspects needed to provide these services efficiently.

Dr. C. O’Shea is the Director of Occupational Health with the organization and provides consultancy services to most of our clients and occupational medical advice to all other health care staff. Dr. C. McVicker is the Director of Emergency and Primary Care at AOMS and provides consultancy services to most of our clients, along with medical control and review for the organization. Both are fully certified occupational physicians with the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine.

Other physicians in the AOMS office in St. John’s include Dr. R. Parsons, Dr. T. Humes, Dr. R. Barter, Dr. I. Marshall, Dr. S. Walker and Dr. G. Brown. In the Dartmouth office, the physicians are Dr. P. MacAulay, Dr. A. Williams, and Dr. J. MacDonald. In addition, we utilize the expertise of specialized physicians, Dr. Ken Ledez and Dr. D. Pestell who are experts in hyperbaric and diving medicine, and are experienced in the area of offshore medicine.

We have an established network of designated physicians across the island of Newfoundland and in Labrador, and in other provinces throughout Canada. These physicians perform pre-employment medicals and independent medical assessments on behalf of our clients and report directly to the occupational medical advisor in the AOMS head office in St. John’s. Our physicians are provided with client specifications and AOMS guidelines to ensure adherence to occupational medicine’s principles of practice.